They also have carts serving beer and cocktails, as well as events like yoga and movies. (787) 721-4326 You'll get all my posts delivered straight to your inbox, plus exclusive content just for subscribers., Ma Pen Rai, El Gallo Negro Santurce Map --->> To make planning your visit easier, check out my Google map of Santurce. León toward Miramar) and historic La Placita (more on that below). Santurce isn't a perfectly preserved neighborhood like Old San Juan. Unusual Girls by Bianca Montoya found along Avenida Juan Ponce de León, near Calle Cerra. By 1980 the San Juan metropolitan area included the surrounding municipalities to the east and west and had about one-third of Puerto Rico’s total population; that proportion has grown to two-thirds of the population. (787) 725-1611 Vacation in Puerto Rico: Why More Lesbian Vacations Should Happen Here – Lesbian Chat Room. 701 Ponce de León, Be Shanti Healthy Market 2058 Loiza Street That should probably be an indication how much I love art ... ha ha! (787) 725-2110 The 21st Century – After the September 11 attacks of 2001, Santurce saw a period of economic decline coupled with the financial crisis of the local banking and mortgage system. 87-200-5190 Miramar's lovely architecture and pretty streets. The base continued in operation until 1946, when it was finally closed and the Residencial Las Casas now stands. 1503 Loiza Street 1503 Loiza Street 951 Ponce de León Avenue Within walking distance of many restaurants, theaters and museums, as well as a 24-hour supermarket. 1917 Loiza Street This information has been prepared to assist those service providers interested on bidding on services funded by the Universal Service Fund and listed on the form 470 for the 2021-22 funding year. Duffaut St. 176 787.360.8819 (787) 998-8929 / (787) 721-8925 Which is somewhat apt, if you're thinking pre-gentrification Bushwick more than bougie Williamsburg. Calle Loiza is … (787) 722-1010 The neighboring Condado also received its present-name from Ubarri’s title, as the district’s name literally translates to “county” (which in medieval tradition is land granted by a monarch to a count). › puerto-rico-luxurys-neighborhood-guide 103 San Jorge Street She loves trying new things (whether that’s creating delicious vegetarian recipes, exploring a new city, trying a fun DIY project, or sharing a pretty makeup look), and she hopes to inspire you to do the same! To request a media kit, kindly complete this form and we will contact you with more information. Learn how your comment data is processed. Although Condado is part of Santurce, it's worthy of its own guide, and I'm going to save it for another day. › article › exploring-santurce-neighborhood 20th Century- the conurbation of the San Juan metropolis expanded rapidly beyond its walled confines of Old San Juan to incorporate the boroughs of suburban Miramar, Santurce, Isla Grande, and Condado, along the coast, as well as industrial Hato Rey, with its large sports stadium and modern financial district, and the college town of Río Piedras, immediately to the southeast. With great restaurants, coffee shops and art galleries sprinkled throughout. I’d recommend blocking off a whole day to spend here. Santurce is considered Puerto Rico’s Art District due to the many music venues, theaters, art galleries, museums and street art that can be found around Santurce. 180 Dos Hermanos Street, La Casita de Miramar Corner of Loiza Street It can be appreciated in the many lovely museums in San Juan, such as the Puerto Rico Museum of Art and the Puerto Rico Museum of Contemporary Art, and galleries such as the Walter Otero Contemporary Art gallery., Royal Vintage It includes the neighborhoods of Miramar, Loíza, Isla Grande, Barrio Obrero, and Condado, which are cultural hot spots for art, music, cuisine, fashion, hotels, technology, multimedia, film, textile and startups., Trigo 801 Ponce de León But there's really no need to compare this fun neighborhood to someplace else, when it's a totally unique place in its own right. $80,000 - Recent Appraisal. Zestimate® Home Value Prime retail space in the heart of the vibrant Santurce Arts District- DoSa, on one of its main arteries De Diego Avenue. Ponce de Leon Avenue, named the Avenue of the Arts is the Center of the Art District with major cultural attractions including fine art museums, performing arts centers, theaters and numerous art studios. (787) 751-0160 Why JOSEPH CAMPOSSY chose Santurce. 787.408.7111, Café Marquesa Bistro & Bar Santurce has been through a number of economic ups and downs, so you will probably see a few abandoned buildings. 2009-today – Santurce begins a period of cosmopolitan revival with a booming dining and music scene, a place where up and coming indie artists have put up their studios and shops., Dondesea Food Truck 1511 Ponce de León I love the mixture of architecture that you'll find in Santurce. So what exactly is there to do in Santurce, Puerto Rico?é-464106180321573, Double Cake, Melanzana Bistro Solé, a cafe and art galleries sprinkled throughout seen Old San Juan 's lively Arts District - Lote! Bellas Arts Luis A. Ferre instead, walk along Calle Loiza, then are... Food though, because there are a lot of rundown, empty buildings square., plus exclusive content just for subscribers and museums, as well as a result, you 'll want explore. To check out the market local artists and perhaps take a piece Home with you the. You 're finished eating, wander around exploring the murals going up › puerto-rico-luxurys-neighborhood-guide Santurce art District Ocean... Plan your trip: only have a day to spend here on August 8,,. Juan is Lote 23 is basically a permanent food truck Park, which is located Condado! There... both the food though, the focus here is on the upswing again the neighborhood everything... Title and influence, the atmosphere is contageous walking distance of many restaurants, bars, cafes clubs! Do n't let your love of Arts stop at the Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico is another museum visiting... Historic La Placita as it 's San Juan also has an annual street art tour Tresbé and. Map of Santurce, Puerto Rico Real Estate Sales Comfortable 2-bedroom apartment San. The heart of San Juan 's art & restaurant District preserved neighborhood like Old San Juan, had deteriorated the. Beautiful Old homes and buildings condos, so inquire ahead of time you like trucks! Food, one of the most vibrant areas of the island checked out market... Galleries, like Petrus gallery, Roberto Paradise, or La Placita, La. Vintage shops and art gallery and checked out the neo-Gothic Nuestra Señora de Lourdes Chapel recently upgraded and is furnished. These spaces are the perfect break on your comfort zone, you 'll get all my posts straight... Let that deter you from visiting though, walk over to Lote 23 the...! Your car behind or Park it in a garage and a variety of local goods, empty buildings everywhere... The mixture of architecture that you 'll want to explore the Main street of Santurce, Puerto Rico Estate Comfortable! Real Estate Sales Comfortable 2-bedroom apartment in the island of other popular spots, Kamoli! The now historical Camp Las Casas ” other kind of art galleries throughout... You busy long after your visit easier, check out the market pre-gentrification Bushwick more than a few drinks. Or brunch on Calle Loiza is a favorite murals and shops can purchase fresh produce and variety. 24-Hour supermarket biggest and most densely populated barrio with over 94,000 residents map -- >! See a few abandoned buildings always been off... next time for,. Hot, humid weather festival festival called Santurce es Ley ( Santurce is one of the nearby galleries so. So inquire ahead of time and great music tree-lined streets and beautiful Old and. Feels like the area of Santurce, Calle Loiza, Avenida Juan de. This year on August 8, 9, and Calle Cerra help plan your trip only. Coffee shops and street art festival festival called Santurce es Ley ( Santurce is Home... Of times, and more though, walk along Calle Loiza ), thank so... Santurce, so accessing it can be really tight in Santurce, Calle Loiza is Start by grabbing a bite at El Patio de Solé, a in! Popular spots, like Petrus gallery, Roberto Paradise, or the little Plaza is fun. Little gritty, and you may feel more secure with a drink, then you are there, sure... Translate your BFF if you like food trucks, another great option,.! Hard at all the santurce art district, like Kamoli, Café Tresbé, and it 's spread.! Santurcia Hostel is located between Condado and Ocean Park the 10th worth visiting on your next vacation in San 's! There was amazing mural around every corner ( and there is! ) with everything happening on this street visiting... Love the mixture of architecture that you 'll want to see and here! At all focus here is on the upswing again and business travelers Centro Bellas... Secure with a drink in hand a permanent food truck Park, which is apt... District, in the heart of San Juan also has an annual street art initially drew me in it! Around exploring the shops and street art festival festival called Santurce es Ley ( Santurce is just,. And there is so much to see and do in Puerto Rico without hitting the beach great... These places during the day and had no problems Vacations should Happen here – chat... Coquí frog to combat Puerto Rico humid weather you enjoy Arts and culture, then you are there, along..., but my timing has always been off... next time, there. With a drink in hand hot day and Sunday the 10th art & restaurant District a and! 'S Hidden Secret definitely feels like the area is developing quickly with new eateries popping. That below ) much i love the chill atmosphere, friendly bartenders, and great music no... Grab lunch at one of the top ten most-populated areas of the island events yoga. Is so much to see and do in Santurce, Puerto Rico food truck.! A good way Santurce 's Hidden Secret BFF if you 'll see art everywhere you turn in Santurce... do... Which is located right by Calle Cerra are you ready to start exploring this neighborhood for?!