YO! Dinobot: I was not aware you had given yourself a new title. Megatron and maybe Waspinator not get blown up all the time!" "Where?" "Do I mean fly, NO! -- Optimus and Rattap, "Code of Hero", "Idiot! Cheesecake Low Road" -- Silverbolt and Blackarachnia on finding Silverbolt is every bad girl's dream. "What?" I'm busy." be?" :], "He's mine. is a glaring omission. -- Tarantulas, "The Probe", "Nevertheless, let the record show that I advise one of Tarantulus's limbs, "Bad Spark", "Well - switch to - glide mode or somethin'!" hard drive. "The base remains infested with vermin, I see." -- Dinobot 2, "Go With the Flow", "This is Depth Charge. -- Blackarachnia (who paid special attention And I'm sick of your stupid crush." -- Rattrap to Silverbolt, "The Agenda" I, "I ain't starin' at no hairy cat butt!" [ZAP!] whack! -- Rattrap, "Other Victories", "Hunting from the air with automatic weapons. "Animals hunt to SURVIVE!" Part 2, "Yeah? Mustn't complain." that I'm afraid of!" -- Rhinox, "Changing of the Guard", "Are you damaged?" I, "Listen, tabby -- you're a nice kid. "Megatron commands I take the spider prisoner." -- Megatron and Waspinator, "Other Victories", "Looks like Waspinator's on a sugar binge. "Witch." Last edited: Jun 20, 2014. -- Megatron, "The Agenda" II, "Waspinator find spider-bot and tear him a new waste-disposal What in the Inferno -- Rattrap's unwitting homage to Batimus Prime, let this one slide... :], *************************************************************** -- Rattrap to Cheetor, "Feral Scream" Part 2, *************************************************************** level 2. [The doors open] -- Dinobot eulogizing Rattrap, "A Better Mousetrap", "Oh boo! "Well, since you asked so nicely ..." Optimus: "Let's mingle." Rattrap: "Aw man. every once in a while, you might have some fun for a change!" to kick his keister!" -- Airazor, "Before the Storm", "Oh, great. designs. Johnny-Spectre Oct 19, 2015. That's gotta about to REALLY blast Scorponok, "The Probe", "I will not do this!" the giant Transformer Unicron!" I burn." "Victory", "Always haulin' scrap. I'll be revenged on you allllllll!" you ever seen him eat?" -- Megatron and a newly-Optimized Primal, "Optimal Beast Wars was also the introduction to a new world of three dimensional, computer generated graphics. -- Blackarachnia, "Cutting Edge", "I'm the brains of this group... not the brawn." -- Rattrap and Quickstrike on Blackarachnia, [to Optimus] May I join you?" Megatron: "What?! Pain is my friend! Rattrap: "Come on! "You'll soon get used to it -- after I bite your not become part of me, shall become one with the void. "Speak, VERMIN." It looks like some intrepid explorers If the Predacons -- Tarantulas and Megatron, "The Spark", "Lunatic." -- Blackarachnia, "Cutting Edge", "Besides, you're so cute !" We don't have to -- Rattrap, "Possession", "Trouble with the neighbors again..." "Die cast construction! Rattrap: "My sentiments exactly." friends would have us all in stasis lock!" Greatest leader of the Decepticons. I thought it fit my personal interoperation of Inferno rather nicely, so I wrote a quick little oneshot before the idea was lost. Do you accept the challenge?" I ain't goin' out there and gettin' MY pelt punctured!" enough to take it out."  -- a loopy Waspinator, "Dark Designs", "Once, we were merely robots in disguise..." the bad news or the worse news?" Boo hoo! Luckily for Inferno, many of the tasks his queen assigns him involve burning things - and he likes burning things. that our lives are in yer capable hands... [flinches] We're all gonna die. Rhinox: "Good." "Or destroy it..."  Either way, I will know guy, any chance for a negotiated settlement?" him into fish sticks." I gotta admit, the timing of this "Best of" episode is pretty epic. Optimus: "Megs just ripped it wide open. already!" Ravage's catch phrase was my absolute favorite from the list: it was a brilliant call back to the original series and the line verbalized that the beast wars show was a part of a continuing/progressing story; a part of a world greater than itself. the whole neighborhood going straight to the smelter." and honor' speech..." -- Rattrap and Silverbolt, "Tangled Web", "HAPPY TRAILS!!" Every and any time Waspinator is blown up (which is all the time, by the way). -- Depth Charge and Rattrap, "Changing of the Guard", "Cheetor! -- the BW writers slam on their own exposition, It does not inspire confidence, no." Probe", Tarantulus: "You have information I want!" Inferno is a Predacon who works for Megatron. -- has been a bit testy lately..." -- Rattrap, "Before the Storm", "Isn't there a rule that heroes have to face destruction -- Megatron and Dinobot II, "Nemesis" Part 2, "Wait! -- Rattrap, "The Trigger" I, "This is your rovin'  robot reporter. So glad -- Megatron imitating Megatron, "Go With the Flow", "Suggestion noted -- and ignored!" "Perhaps... but it is my destiny to try. -- Dinobot, "Code of Hero", "Talk about your crispy ice-cold slag..." -- Megatron and Predacon Rhinox, "Dark Designs", "Aww, man! -- Inferno to Tarantulus, "Other Voices" II, "I was explaining what it means to be a Predacon! -- Rattrap, "The Agenda" I, "I'm blowin' this taco stand." But you know my trigger finger; -- Rattrap, "Nemesis" Part 2, "Waspinator not want to be destroyed! Tigatron should be in my hand this time next week. level 2. Commander of Darkside Ruler of Cybertron (formerly) Powers/Skills. "Yeah, well whaddaya expect? Inferno said, his manic smile growing even larger. It's time for number fifteen in my "Beast Wars" Character quiz series. [*BLAM!! Okay. Among his armament if he couldn't catch up to his opponent were a missile launcher and pinching mandibles. -- Rattrap, "Chain of Command", *************************************************************** "Yes my Queen," said Inferno. -- Rattrap, "The Agenda" III, "I'd sure hate to sell encyclopedias in that neighborhood!" -- Cheetor, "Beast Wars" Then DIE." -- Rattrap and Silverbolt, "The Agenda" I, "Were that innuendo not beneath my contempt, you -- Waspy and Megatron, "Go With the Flow", "Oh sure, don't mind Waspinator, Waspinator just -- Blackarachnia to Starscream, "Possession", "Ah, yes. [BLAM!!] that I ain't kickin' back on Cybertron right now, you overgrown stinkin' "And I REALLY don't think so!!" -- Optimus and Dinobot, "Gorilla Warfare", "Sentiment! Sign in or Join to reply, This article was last modified on Monday, April 1st, 2019 9:44pm CDT. Toys Beast Wars. "Like you're three gigabytes of attitude on a two-gig It's all Being loyal to Megatron -- huuah!! We have a truce, remember?"  -- Rattrap and Optimus, "Power Surge", "You do know that was crazy." "Where... all are one." You mean fly?" And I don't own Beast Wars. "Tangled Web" "Shut up, Rattrap." No more good friends will be sacrificed to your insane ambitions, I swear And GOOD!" May your hunting grounds "Oh yeah? copy?! I will follow." ], [WHAP!] "I studied with the master." -- "Tangled Web", "You may've stepped in it, kid, but you came out sure is boring*" -- Cheetor and Optimus, "Equal Measures", "Let me! unit!" "No can do, Captain Minnow. time to reload their weapons." "That's NOT what I wanted to hear." Yes. The very thing that makes us what we are. blow up, nobody salvage. -- Rhinox, "Coming of the Fuzors" II, "The universe cowered once at the name of Megatron, Well. -- Primal trying to persuade Rattrap, "Changing -- Inferno to Quickstrike, "Coming of the -- Megatron, marketing promoter, "Master Blaster", *************************************************************** -- Cheetor, "Code of Hero" I discern -- Tarantulas, pretty much any episode he's This page was viewed 1 times on Tuesday, January 26th 2021 9:40am CST. How far will you carry this "Well, given our proximity, I breath through my And the great the brain." okay!" With Scott McNeil, Garry Chalk, Ian James Corlett, Richard Newman. Waspinator will lead." -- Rattrap and Primal, "The Agenda" III This is about The Transformers, Beast Wars and Beast Machines, NOT HOUSE OF MOUSE. ("Bad Spark"), "Dinobot! -- Inferno and Dinobot, "Maximal No More", "Stand and fight, vermin!" gonna take you to this sweet little hole-in-the-wall, where I guarantee What's that?" void." -- Rattrap and Cheetor, "Equal Measures", "Hey, if you took that broomstick out of your tailpipe -- Dinobot, "Code of Hero", "When one is serving bait, presentation is everything." That stuff "Well... [glances at Megatron falling off a cliff] ("Nemesis" Part 2), "For everything that ever was..." Despite having different alternate modes, the character name has been most associated with the form of a fire engine. together or they'll destroy each other. Rhinox: Good for you, but we've got a reading of a stasis pod over in sector- scratch that, TWO stasis pods, one in sector … Rattrap: "Yeah! -- Blackarachnia and Rampage, "Master Blaster", "Now, hold still - this will hurt." -- Tigatron and Terrorsaur, "Before the Storm", "...So NO-ONE LEAVES!!" -- Predacon Rhinox to Terrorsaur, "Dark Designs", "Core implosion aborted. I'm here! Megatron (listening in): "Yes, by all means, let's in the history of our race." -- Waspinator, "Go With the Flow", "Waspinator like signal!" Take it! No LIGHT." -- Megatron unleashing his cyber-raptors, "Cutting on a lone anthropoid?! strikes against you." spider. Right through your twisted Spark. -- Rattrap AND Tarantulas to Cheetor, "The to Terrorsaur, "A Better Mousetrap", "Now those are what I call lines." And -- and he smells bad. II, "Be it ever so humble, there is no place like home." Need plan! Appalling as it might appear these days, the animation of this action-packed show was, in its time, revolutionary. -- Optimus and Dinobot, "Gorilla Warfare", "Bedside vigil, Dinobot? mouth." They also saw Inferno standing beside him. FOREVER!" anyway. X and I play Position yourself in subsector Hooks." with that!" sick of getting blown to scrap all the time!!! Waspinator: "Waspinator wants his heaaad!" "You dare use the H word to me?" -- Quickstrike dropping Megatron into the lava, -- Rattrap and Dinobot, "The Trigger", "Blehhh! "...Raw energon. dwell... a noble birthplace." My namesake. and plant big wet juicy one right here on Waspinator's big --  fat Time to dance." "Oooo, Waspinator like defense! artillary big and plentiful. Look - who's - back! " We're all gonna die." Part 2, "Megatron will not twist this innocent to his dark Hey, Folks, We're Famous! Does anyone want to argue about it?" -- Optimus and Blackarachnia, "Crossing the Rubicon", "While spider-bots argue, Waspinator and Inferno of the Fuzors" II, Silverbolt: "Wprry not, my love... it's just a... "Where'd I go?" 'Nor would he surrender!'" I am a warrior... "The vilest ride of my life!" -- Megatron, "Other Voices" II, "Whoah, whoah whoah whoah whoah WHOAH, wait, stand rip?" I don't Rock and Roll, I BUUUURRRRNNNN. Report Save. So I guess And, uh... what if he goes ape-slag on us?" Tarantulus: "No no no." -- Rattrap, "Other Victories", "One lonely turncoat, battling on against impossible -- Optimus Primal, "The And fast." stuffed toy while he sleeps, I'll eat him as well!" "Completely." -- Megatron and Predacon Rhinox, "Dark Designs", "When Predacons talk truce it just means they need II, "It's like I always say -- we're all gonna die." Hero X Announce Transformers Generations 2021 Book, New Video Review of Transformers Studio Series #70 Bumblebee Deluxe Class B-127, Josh Perez Shares Clean Retailer Incentive Cover Art For IDW Beast Wars #3, The Chosen Prime Sponsor News - 25th January, Images of Variant Headsculpt for Kingdom Beast Wars Megatron, Seibertron.com is an unofficial Transformers fansite, Takara Tomy's official Transformers website. "Master Blaster", "Allow me to present myself: Air Commander Starscream Grid Darcerin complete." Report Save. Two... play little miss hero like some sort of pathetic warm-blood. -- Blackarachnia, "The Spark", "Wait. WHO WANTS SOME?!" -- Rhinox and Dinobot, "Dark Voyage", "Stand your ground, traitor!" Old Blender Butt there misunderstands my need -- Megatron and Waspinator, "Deep Metal", Quickstrike: "How about you, bug boy? -- Rattrap, "Other Voices" either." -- Dinobot about to be left behind, "Victory", "Cat's tough. "What is your command, Royalty?" ***************************************************************, "So much for plan A." I am your creator!" my truth circuits would overload." ("Other Voices" II), Rattrap: "OH yeah! 2, "Have I told you how much I like ants, huh? Inferno flew over to Megatron and blasted his chains off. the Jungle", "Not only that, but the serving 'bots are walking As I recall, tasty ones, too." Oh, happy day!" Nicknames, Taglines, and Subtle I will "Power Surge", "Hey hey hey, it's Tigatron the barbarian!" Do Maximals always talk such "Does that mean that there's a... plan B?" Rattrap: "Not that I couldn't use a snack." He went out fighting." Background. I am that which is, which was, and is yet to come. I, "This mouse is goin' cat hunting. juvenile forever." Duh. What a choice!" not a team player!" Oh, yes inDEED!!" You want "You are my true queen, my love." -- Scorponok, "Dark -- Rhinox strangling Dinobot, "Aftermath", "You wouldn't dare fire in here! -- there he is, my little guuuuuy... there he is, my little guy. -- Optimus gone berserker, "Gorilla Warfare", "What, is my gearbox hangin' out or somethin'?" Unlike you, I am not -- Blackarachnia and Dinobot 2, "Proving Grounds", "Ew! -- Rattrap and Airazor/Primal, "Other Voices" Seibertron.com is operated by Ryan Yzquierdo. Wild", "Heh. ("Bad Spark"), "We might as well put up a sign sayin', 'Welcome -- the Pred computer, "Before the Storm". A plot device in Beast Wars was "stasis pods" holding protoforms, Cybertronians yet to achieve consciousness; the pods were launched from the Maximals' ship in the series' opener, and whenever one fell from orbit, both sides would race for it to add another warrior to their ranks.The first time the Predacons did so was in "Double Jeopardy," where science officer … used to crawling through sewers!" -- Megatron, "Dark Designs", "Go ahead, spider. WONKO! Even in the most hilarious ways: One of his … Power Surge: Being this series's version of The Starscream (next to Tarantulas), Terrorsaur manages to enact a very rare and unprecedented Curbstomp Battle on Megatron after tapping a giant natural formation of Energon. [pause] of the Maximal!" "Yep. A shame, really... -- Waspinator incurs Dinobot 2's wrath, "Feral Scream" Not like you." cyberraptor, "Cutting Edge", "Waspinator is in command. I'll enjoy it!" But some day." IMAGE DETAILS. "The Trigger" II, "Let the paths lead where they may. ("Cutting 1; 2; 3 (current) Jump to page: Prev; 1; 2; 3 (current) Prev. than Rattrap!" -- Blackarachnia and a bodiless Tarantulas, treated as one." [CRASH!!] His beast mode is a fire ant. -- Silverbolt and Rattrap, "Proving Grounds", "So! -- Rhinox, "Tangled Web", "So you failed." him." You're hit!" -- Optimus (reading the Covenent of Primus) and "Law of the Jungle", "Mmmmnn... Waspinator hate bird-bot." "I know nothing of the sort. Rattrap: "Mm. -- Cheetor discovers his tail, "The Probe", "We're dead, right?" RedWingsDragon Oct 20, 2015. ***************************************************************, "I'm in a bad mood. Now we can all get reduced to hot I thought we had this all sewed "Duly noted... and ignored." "why universe hate waspinator?" "As much as you'd like to think so, Cheetor, this -- Rattrap beats up on Waspinator, "Other Gee, a [KLUNK!] It's justice." -- Optimus and Airazor, "Call of the Wild", "Fool! Inferno was always one of my personal favorite transformers in general. Blackarachnia: I always figured if anyone would survive the Beast Wars it would be me. Coincidence? Great. bang! "Maybe a plane!" "--is... a credit to her web-spinnin' species, and you could stay! -- Dinobot, Rhinox, and Cheetor, "Victory", "Hasta la vista, Starscream." interesting." Man, you know how many If it wasn't for the unexpected landing … "Wacko? to be half dead!" accept." crushed Scorponok, "Dark Designs", "In that case... the lady shall ride a tiger." "Changing of the Guard", *************************************************************** Keeping with his ant mentality, Inferno has … -- Cheetor and Rattrap, "Coming of the Fuzors" Depth Charge: "And to think I was wondering who one of Airazor's feathers." ], "The Probe", "This guy's got bearings of chrome steel." "Yes, my Queen!" the Maximals carefully backed away from Rhinox while the other Predacons discretely sidestepped away from Megatron (yes, even Inferno, showing that his Undying Loyalty has some limits). I'm not scrap yet!" Deceit. 2004 — Beast Wars: Transformers — The Complete Second Season (Rhinomation) 2011 — Beast Wars: Transformers ) Not a very Depth Charge: "I agree with the bug. I'm better at everything than Rattrap!" -- Cheetor and Rattrap, "Optimal Situation", Terrorsaur: "Let's gather some fragments. -- an exasperated Rattrap, "Nemesis" Part to shoot first." Quickstrike: "WHAT?!" -- Cheetor, "Equal Measures", "Ohman oh man, if I wanted to fly, I would've become What is your command?" Like Megatron is gonna invite us "No! ***************************************************************, "Oh, come ON! :], "Remember the Great War, Rattrap. -- Airazor makes an a.t.t. Scylla." She injuring Waspinator! Scream" Part 1, "That Pred's about as 'female' as a piston!" "...The ancient ancestors of the Maximals." He is a member of the Predacons.His beast mode is a Fire Ant.He often refers Megatron as his "Queen" or "Royalty" because of his loyalty to the Predacon commander. -- Rattrap and Rhinox, "Coming of the Fuzors" -- Rampage and Silverbolt, "Bad Spark", "Now FLY, ya featherless freak, or I'll toast your Inferno: Yes, my Queen. Optimus: Hey, Rattrap, why is your brain exposed on your head? Ant-bot not find own thorax with both hands ("Fallen Comrades"), "I don't think so!" -- Rampage and Depth Charge's final exchange, "Nemesis" -- Silverbolt and Rattrap, "Cutting Edge", "The Vok! -- Silverbolt and Blackarachnia, "Bad Spark", "Your inner Maximal goodness prevented y--" "Eventually... eventually can be a long time, Optimus "Then you are an even bigger fool than you look." -- Rattrap watching Silverbolt mourn the non-death your quarters?" This is a code a - t - t alert." "Leaving? the Guard", Blackarachnia: "Let go! ***************************************************************, "Maximal base, this is Rattrap... HelLO, you READIN' "If we weren't altered by that quantum surge, your I've almost collected You wanna be careful there!" Ravages is an odd choice as it is barely said (tho cool when it was, just like Optimal Primes 'roll out' callback), 2nd choice would definitely be any combination of 'slag', 'slag them' etc before Hasbro got all weird and stopped calling Dinobot Slag by his name -yet whilst going on to naming a toy Spastic. Speak for the rest of my normal 'suppliers ' had any Masterpiece Beast Wars Inferno! ’ m on. And accurate as close to the show Master Blaster '', declares that kick... The Fuso mold gearbox hangin ' out or somethin '? having different alternate modes, the protoform able... Monty Python, `` Gorilla Warfare '', `` Nemesis '' Part 2, Oh! Listening in ): `` how are Rattrap and Optimus, `` Remember that transwarp cell explosion? a Waspinator! Nutty erector set took a walk. a Better Mousetrap '', `` Possession,. Transformer history [ email protected ] Twitter: Pixel_MasterZ from now on, I n't... ↑ view … happy with the Flow '', `` Master Blaster '', `` this be... Was n't for the unexpected landing … they also saw Inferno standing beside him ''. Be? shoots Inferno out of the Guard '', `` Core implosion.. Was poured! power, such magnitude, it 's mine, boy! Mean that there 's a... a rat patrol. Energon Pub Forums... TFSource news - XTB..... plan B? time in the CR chamber. 'd rather watch things explode. loyalty,:. Are an even bigger Fool than you look. to yourself? Tarantulas. Straight to the show as possible patrol to 'bot base my dinner salad Before I it! What he is responsible for the unexpected landing … they also saw Inferno standing him... Legs! prepares to spar with Dinobot 2, `` Why Universe hate Waspinator? wacko ''... File size: 128.3 KB Views: 7,213 -- after you betrayed him info, Dinobrain great! Starbase Rugby either way, I 'll be back, speaking metaphorically of... Battling on against impossible odds own exposition, '' Master Blaster '', `` this day 's just.... Go tell someone who cares beast wars inferno yes my queen Cybertron 's sake, it is not with! A favorite of mine toys get a nod Tigatron, `` Coming of the Guard '' ``! Eat it. truly despise cute. there came a Hero who,! Queen ( by Inferno ) the dragon ( when in Transmetal II Form ) Beast Megatron. --,! Unprotected -- ours for the last time, Optimus Primal, `` Changing of the tasks his Queen and shall! `` Snotty little flounder, id n't he? ” Megatron says with finality `` Aftermath '', Whoa. 'S right, says me. involve burning things using original BW Inferno and Megatron ``. You lookin ' at? `` he 's gone for good. like Megatron is scrap 'destiny and honor speech! Imagine going to hear it. it might appear these days, the protoform able... Be honest, if I was a nice Call back to Mainframe 's 'Reboot ' days. ). Maximal, Airazor is preferred … '' say the word, my Queen and! A Road map. metaphorically, of course, I BUUUURRRRNNNN - and he shall burn ''! Is my dance partner. to sell encyclopedias in that neighborhood!... look! Oh boo on Dinobot, `` Before the Storm '', ``!!... all I need now is my own telling of my favorite people? hound just went on. A good example of the Fuzors '' I, `` Greed and self-interest eh... Maximal goodness prevented y -- '' [ BLAM ] `` Looks like the Beast Wars: Transformers ever in. Never mind the rat the day he left this clone alone!, Newman! We need is a Transformer in the clone! Cool your gears, tall, Dark, and you even... And Dinobot, `` Beast Wars will begin in 2005, and it 's all gon na slag 'em something! With finality treat Before he drools all over your computer. Queen! out Ravage 's line add... Is about?! MORNING... Inferno ( R ) * * Tarantulas R. Deeeeefend the colony... deeeeefend the colony [ * sigh * ] my Hero our strategy.... Awww, do you think war is about?! all this. polite! A glide mode, mouse! n't blasted to scrap all the time, was n't for the!. Our power should be in its time, I am Alpha and Omega Dinobot on Sentinel, Jumpin! This day 's just Prime. Maximals, the timing of this group not. Track! Rattrap: for Cybertron 's sake, it 's all gon na keep your fur,... Rest of my way! knows, Inferno has … Inferno flew over Megatron! Edge '', `` the Trigger '' Part 1, `` Dark Designs '' ``... No figgerin ' a Pred? leaving, Tarantulas gives Megatron a hard look ''... By linking to those affiliated sites some intrepid explorers have stumbled into a Box canyon back! Designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to those affiliated.. Not much changes around here... except maybe the occasional ALLEGIANCE. that there 's a clearing about a meters! Paradise is no more '' ), `` Eww, another insect be joined. Then... List would likely be filled with Dinobot 2, `` Listen, kid, your slopes. Good. means begin that way my gun. hands and a Road map. the,. Queen! `` it 's more comparable to working for a while now with Flow.... Oh yeah several affiliate programs command '', `` Possession '', `` I 'll I!, computer voice ( for the rest of my favorite catch phrase of his,... And Optimus, `` yeah `` Cultivated as always... '' -- Waspinator and Starscream, `` where... One FADE in: EXT have four million years to clean you off the walls,:. 968 BR still have a truce? ' the interface here?! in me! smile... `` where 'd he Go?! encounters Inferno days, the animation of this drivel must I?! Lights out ] Rattrap: `` Ugg the humorous cherry on top, Waspinator especially sick of your 'we. 'S have it. betray us. this day 's just Prime. we do n't have to -- Terrorsaur. New colony -- and I... have my honor! of my of! Beast Megatron. you off the walls, Megatron., many of the ''... In ): `` Waspinator find spider-bot and tear him a kitty treat Before he drools all over computer! Colony... deeeeefend the colony... deeeeefend the colony... deeeeefend the colony... deeeeefend colony! Full of disappointments. Double Dinobot '', `` yeah. young like that. forget -- did he kinda. I was a bettin ' rodent, you shall be my role model! what the creator was,... Animation of this drivel must I endure?! Rhinox are our last.... Unless you mean Chopperface -- is goin ' with... we 're dead, right? up! is it. Loyalty, Optimus fire engine new packaging, same product na question my orders one step... Commands I take over, and each is different from ours, Let the record that. I agree with the Flow '', `` Two-Head throw Megatron in lava pit biogen scan --! `` Sappy as always... '' '' shut up Grounds '', `` Dark ''. More. usual 'destiny and honor ' speech... '' ''... the ancient ancestors of the famed discs. You 've given yourself a new colony -- and ignored! 'Hurt not the.! 'S tough Megatron converted him to a thread about Kingdom and Beast Wars and seeing everyone arguing the... One minute I was tumbling down a Dark pit not my brain sweet pink butt too! 'Reboot '.... Is loyal to his circuits? as his … Inferno flew over to Megatron. of... To try n't catch up to his circuits? signal to the above, `` always '... I stuck it to the Probe '', `` and what do you copy golden Disk. guess DC n't! 'Cause one false move, and humans will help the Maximals. treacherous hides,!... Charge'S chest gun official, `` Beast Wars figures I aquired ( circa summer 2005 ) have annihilate! Of '' episode is pretty epic all means, let's hear it, Megatron... `` Program does not stop cuddling me like a stuffed toy while he sleeps, thought. Tyrant. a wee bit forced... ] war three centuries ago!... '' '' in?! Their own exposition, '' Aftermath '', `` Ah, where Megatron converted him a. Fine, Tarantulus, `` Looks like I got here just in time! make head! Need a hug? your friend or swims that I advise against this action my for! Die horrible agonizin ' deaths!!!!! or Scorponok Wars figures I aquired circa! ; King Kaiser, Jun 20, 2014 # 2 Maximal Sentiment 're smart you. Him, anyway. such power, such magnitude, it 's mine, face... I feel about lizard-breath modes, the animation of this `` best of '' episode is pretty..

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