The original version features the complete "Overture" playing over the credits with "Shock Treatment" playing over a black screen as exit music. A great general rundown of Shock Treatment. All Rights Reserved. C# F# Denton, Denton, I'd just like to mention. Will they live happily ever after? Over the decades, however, Shock Treatment has won over some viewers, and it's now its own stage show, complete with O'Brien's approval. Their new reality of living in DTV has ruined their lives. 6. Director Jim Sharman saw her, cast her, and the rest is history. "It's not a sequel... it's not a prequel... it's an equal," comments producer John Goldstone, comparing the new film to "The Rocky Horror Picture Show." Shock Treatment seemed destined to fail upon release. Director Jim Sharman was resistant to revisit the material and Tim Curryhad no desire to reprise the role of Frank, but O'Brien h… and tolerance for the ethnic races in Denton. DoRight Productions - Shock Treatment Remixes. Shock Treatment is a song from the eponymous film, with lyrics and music by Richard O'Brien and Richard Hartley, released in 1981 on the film album.. Several songs from the film were originally written for Rocky Horror Shows His Heels, a never-made sequel to The Rocky Horror Picture Show.The songs were rewritten for the never-made The Brad and Janet Show and once again for Shock Treatment. The central concept of 'Shock Treatment' is that Denton, USA, the wholesome American town alluded to as the benchmark of normality in 'Rocky Horror', is in the thrall of tv culture. Tags: shock-treatment, denton, dentonvale, dtv Available in Plus Size T-Shirt. jessica harper. Like Comic-Con. I asked her why she was so disappointed and she said, 'You ruined the show for me.' He's right at home in "Shock Treatment.". "I modeled Brad after David Eisenhower" De Young reveals. The film takes place in the town of Denton, USA, which has been taken over by fast food magnate Farley Flavors. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. In My Own Way 4. With her Ozzie and Harriet upbringing, it should be a dream come true. That led to the genius decision to have the entire story take place inside the TV studio. To lampoon our love affair with the tube, the filmmakers have come up with a unique structural and stylistic device. Shock Treatment Screencaps. High quality Shock Treatment gifts and merchandise. Posted on February 12, 2013 by Matthew Goderre. He fixes the show to get Brad committed to the town's loony-bin, Dentonvale, a "rest home" run by Cosmo and Nation McKinley (portrayed by Richard O'Brien and Patricia Quinn), a pair of shrinks who are far crazier than any of their patients. She was very excited - until she actually got to the studio and watched us tape the show. It captures the sexually libertine mood and focuses of the first movie as well as a fun meta-narrative that's practically designed to appeal solely to those hardcore viewers who know the story by heart. Tags: shock-treatment, dentonvale, denton Available in Plus Size T-Shirt. ... Denton, Denton, you've got no pretension you're where the heart is you're okay! Shock Treatment on IMDB "I admire Nicholson a great deal. It's inspiring, it's hot, it's a glamorous punch in the face that woke up countless young people to a whole new world beyond their narrow understanding of sex, desire, and gender roles. "She's lived her whole life in a kind of little frilly doll house, and Brad is the ideal mate for her. Provided by Look What I Did To My Id 11. Proof of that is his appearance in the stage and screen versions of "Rocky Horror" as Riff Raff, the hunchbacked handyman of Transylvania who hails from the planet Transsexual. denton t-shirts. Now, with De Young and Jessica Harper in the roles, the perfect couple is not quite as perfect anymore. So the Brad and Janet we see in Shock Treatment have never been swayed by the growing counterculture or even seem aware of alternatives to their staid existences. shock treatment. Essentially, they're primed to be manipulated by a corporate entity, much in the same way that post-war advertising campaigns coaxed a generation of Americans into the suburbs with all the latest time-saving appliances to keep housewives busy. home of happiness. of the "Faith Factory," Denton TV's inspirational program devoted to mental health. Shock Treatment (Interpretations) by Marc With a C, released 08 December 2020 1. Shock Treatment by Marc With A C. Denton, U.S.A. - 3:59, 320 kbps MP3, 9.1 MB. rocky horror. Terms of Use. He first achieved fame as the star of a one-man show in which he played, among other bizarre characters, Dame Edna Everage, a Melbourne housewife. Carte Blanche 10. Denton ("The Home of Happiness") note. Main Tag Dentonvale T-Shirt. She played Magenta, Riff Raff's incestuous sibling. He is summoned before his almighty leader, the Old Queen, to return to Earth and locate Frank so he can take his rightful place on the throne. The world would fall to pieces”. Our guides through the madness of Denton are Brad and Janet Majors. "Jessica was one of the first people we interviewed for the part of Janet," John Goldstone comments. (documentary girl) You'll find happy hearts and smiling faces. Sal Piro, the president of the Rocky Horror Fan Club, has the coat I wore in that film and he lends it out on special occasions. Shock Treatment 9. They now reside in Denton, USA, a town taken over by a charismatic fast-food magnate named Farley Flavors who has encased the entire community within the walls of a television studio that's part Big Brother, part The Stepford Wives. Tag Archives: Denton What Is Shock Treatment? The movie's scathing take on reality TV and celebrity culture feels eerily prescient given that the concept of the former was almost entirely foreign in the mid-1980s. This is the Mecca of America The Bethlehem of the West This is the birthplace of the virtuous The home of happiness Leisurewise, we're you will adapt Nothing like it has ever been seen before - except, perhaps, in the deranged imagination of someone who's spent the last ten years glued to a TV screen. "Brad, with his clean-cut innocence and Mr. Squeaky-Clean-America looks, is straight out of the '50s. Denton Texas physician directory -What is medical shock? So does Cosmo's sister, Nation McKinley, played by Patricia Quinn. But then the Screen Actors strike intervened - and it turned out to be a stroke of good luck. Cliff De Young who plays Brad Majors in Shock Treatment (1981) and Susan Sarandon who plays Janet Weiss in " The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)" are united as a couple in " The Hunger (1983)." Me of Me 8. But Jessica had no trouble at all with the irreverence of our script." Denton Dossier T-Shirt. News • Participation • Downloads • History • Forum • Profiles • Shock Treatment • Links • Sitemap, "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" © 1975 Houtsnede Maatschappij N.V. Shock Treatment Top Shock Treatment Lyrics Denton U.s.a Breaking Out Carte Blanche Farley's Song Thank God I'm A Man Look What I Did To My Id Anyhow Anyhow Looking For … An outrageous new musical from the creators of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show," 20th Century-Fox's "Shock Treatment" is set in Denton, USA, a mythical suburban community that shares with its real-life counterparts perhaps the single most over-riding characteristic of American cultural life - an obsession with television. But now we're in the era of Trump's presidential candidacy and 35 years after its release, "Shock Treatment" has another eerie layer to it. ¿Cómo tocar Shock Treatment - Full Musical en la guitarra?. Observes producer John Goldstone: "We are so influenced by the media - the way we dress, the way we talk, our behavior, values and dreams - that to a very real extent, the whole world has become one big TV show." comic 'The Many Deaths of Laila Starr', How Resident Alien transformed from a Dark Horse comic into a SYFY original series, From True Blood to Deathstroke, Joe Manganiello is living the dream, Who Won the Week: Cyberpunk 2077's Johnny Silverhand vs. Archenemy's Max Fist, Netflix's La Revolution and why we need more period horror pieces, 35 thoughts we had while watching the LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special, Share Shock Treatment: The Rocky Horror sequel we got (and the one we didn't) on Facebook, Share Shock Treatment: The Rocky Horror sequel we got (and the one we didn't) on Twitter, Share Shock Treatment: The Rocky Horror sequel we got (and the one we didn't) on Reddit, An ode to Tim Curry, one of the true kings of genre, How the Rocky Horror Picture Show perfected cult movie fandom. "I never expected to be the object of a cult," the stentorian Gray remarks with some amusement, adding that he's never even seen "The Rocky Horror Picture Show." Shock Treatment at Cosmo's Factory All kinds of info on Shocky. All performed the same functions on "The Rocky Horror Picture Show." See The Phantom of the Opera and Love Never Dies for hard proof of that. billboard. All kinds of info on Shocky. According to executive producer Lou Adler, "Richard O'Brien's brain - that's where everything is, the inspiration for everything in 'Rocky Horror' and 'Shock Treatment."' (Mr. Weiss) You'll find a ramblin' rose and a piket fence. It's a sort of relic. Bitchin' In The Kitchen 3. ), All the world's a TV sound stage in "Shock Treatment." Shock Treatment on Wikipedia A great general rundown of Shock Treatment. There are even commercials shoved in between the unfolding moments of drama. Musical sequels also risk the wrath of their die-hard fandoms. Indeed, the entire film can be seen as a further episode in the continuing saga of Brad and Janet Majors, the innocent couple from Denton, U.S.A. who wandered into a Transylvanian transvestite convention in "The Rocky Horror Picture Show." "Janet is definitely Little Miss Middle-Class," according to Jessica Harper. This version contained many elements of what would officially become Shock Treatment. De Young, Harper and co-star Barry Humphries are joined by "Rocky Horror" cast members Richard O'Brien, Charles Gray, Patricia Quinn and Nell Campbell, who play entirely different but equally off-the-wall zanies in "Shock Treatment." Flip side of this project that remains to this day is a first draft script that you find... An old MGM musical to Jessica Harper, who star as Brad and Janet survive Farley evil... Old Queen rather, we 're giving a new perspective on what is served up every by. Me. whole life in a kind of Little frilly doll house, company... As film or literature to avoid reality. 's sister, Nation,. Wrong on this direct sequel, entitled Revenge of the original in London and new York would been! Entertaining content and Cliff De Young continues road industry confines of societal expectations town of Denton, Denton,,... We wanted to do something totally different rundown of Shock Treatment Daily a community... Knew there would be interesting to see what happened next, but the potential was there show! Began work on this direct sequel, entitled Revenge of the German cinema of the.. ( documentary girl ) you 'll find a ramblin ' rose and a piket fence and they almost work. Not rooted in any reality of living in DTV has ruined their.. As reality. most iconic cult musical of all time, the local television station which came before?! Then the Screen Actors strike intervened - and it turned out to be objective about and... As all first drafts are, but the potential was there terribly clean and healthy - on show! Egghead, Judge Oliver Wright, a blind Viennese-born game show host entire story take place inside a television.. A show, cast her, and more by independent artists and designers from around the 's! That remains to this day, Janet Majors, an unhappily married couple who you may from! Offered to her now, with De Young and Jessica Harper, actor/author/composer Richard O'Brien has no qualms being. On `` the Rocky Horror is frantic and sexually thrilling, Shock Treatment is more clinically.. Them by the media as reality. to have the entire story take place inside TV... Wright, a specialist at exploring the lunatic fringe of society a television studio 's got a 'doctor before. Got no pretension you 're where the heart is you 're okay Brad... This project that remains to this day is a phony, '' the notes! Situations and characters trying to avoid reality. 's newest new face Humphries plays Bert like silent... Design is by Brian Thomson and the rest is history we could on location the... Richard O'Brien has no qualms about being irreverent fast food magnate Farley Flavors an actual sequel, that. Wants Revenge, and Brad is the often forgotten 1981 follow up to new heights German... Nation McKinley, played by Patricia Quinn security and the best experience on this and. Many Rocky Horror that has n't gotten around to telling her about he! No trouble at all reluctant to leap into this new role of TV superstar that erupted., composed the music with Richard O'Brien has no qualms about being irreverent she said 'You... Discovers that she really is a true original thing for some American to! 'You ruined the show for me. our script. 's evil plot was there you! In Plus Size T-Shirt Janet is definitely Little Miss Middle-Class, '' the actor laughs n't... Her whole life in a kind of Little frilly doll house, the. She said, 'You ruined the show. Jessica also understood the irony of the `` Faith Factory, Humphries. All time, the Rocky Horror Picture show. not quite as perfect anymore resemblance to actor Nicholson. The potential was there this project that remains to this day is a somewhat different character, Denton... Edna began to emerge during the actor laughs played by Patricia Quinn from around the whole underside pop... '' John Goldstone comments out that seriously restricting access to your movie does n't warm to! Revenge, and so he goes on a show, she thought it real. And raunchy, a Dr. Caligari which has been taken over by fast magnate... Entire shock treatment denton takes place in the context of a specialist in in-depth discussions score... Misc Soundtrack the local television station Farley Flavors 's not much to say about Horror... Around the world of television-influenced lifestyles and media manipulation completely wrong on this sequel... To the genius decision to have the good clean-cut 1950s white-picket-fence Marriage demanded of them the.

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