These days, the Singapore River is a beloved nightlife district and tourist hotspot, with buzzing bars, eclectic eateries and iconic clubs spread across Robertson Quay, Boat Quay and Clarke Quay . Retrieved from NewspaperSG.62. The Straits Times. Regardless of the 1249 sq ft’s great layout, though partially blocked by the Grand Copthorne, stack 10 will give you a better stack in terms of the frontage. Other classic collection 3-bedders is 1216 sq ft in stack 10 and 1249 sq ft in stack 04, which is the show flat unit. However, it was criticised for drawing enemy fire into the centre of town in the event of war. Initial launch in May 2019: $2900 to $3000 PSF. : RSING 779.93871095957 SIN)8. SRC has been preserving the heritage of this important river for more than two decades. (Call no. Singapore: Portrait of a port: A pictorial history of the port and harbour of Singapore 1819–1984. Bedroom is of a decent size and is breathable around the bedspace, bringing it to an overall sleek and practical layout. If you are around the Suntec City, you can hop on and off water buses, known as … Mall than meets the eye. (1994). Singapore River: past and present This is a post in attempt to distract myself from feeling down and worried. Havelock MRT is due for completion in 2022, while the completion of the rest of the Thomson-East Coast Line will be open in a few years’ time. Singapore. Singapore. 11–12. (1984). Retrieved from NewspaperSG.65. (1990). They will be more concerned with the market rate for rentals. (1994). The layout is evenly spread out between the two towers, with a walkway demarcating the warehouses and serviced apartments from the private residences. I am not in the mood to do anything that requires a lot of concentration and focus, so I figured I shall just search for photos from the past and present. The purchase for the site brings the land cost to $1,733 PSF PPR, and based on estimated costs of construction, marketing and taxes, to a breakeven of $2,376 PSF PPR. Rivière caters to modern families, from the well-travelled individuals, cosmopolitans relishing in city life, fast-paced couples and tech savvy. Oral History Department. Retrieved from Factiva via NLB’s eResources website: Singapore’s river: A living legacy. The four variations of layouts for 3-bedders are 1173 sq ft for type C1-1, 1141 sq ft for C1-2, 1216 sq ft for C2-1 and 1249 sq ft for C2-2. Singapore: Landmark Books, p. 21. Bridge to smoother traffic. If you’re keen on checking out the latest updates and units of Riviére, do get in touch with us here. Raffles allocated the whole area west of the river adjoining the commercial quarter to the Chinese (Chinatown), while the Indians were allotted land further up-river at Chulia Street.25 Merchants built offices, godowns and jetties along Boat Quay, Clarke Quay and Robertson Quay to facilitate loading and unloading of goods.26 In the early days, many Europeans lived above their offices at Boat Quay and Commercial Square, but by 1830, most offices had moved across to the east bank fronting the Esplanade and along the beach.27 The first quay was built in 1823 at Boat Quay, where major companies first set up in Singapore. Alexandra Canal. This toppled the last high of $1,239 psf ppr for Martin Modern. Water demand in Singapore is currently about 430 million gallons a day (mgd) that is enough to fill 782 Olympic-sized swimming pools, with homes consuming 45% and the non-domestic sector taking up the rest. Singapore. Making waves. Singapore’s pre-colonial past, archaeology has helped to fill some of the gaps. Singapore. This included the first European trading house founded by Alexander Laurie Johnston in 1820 as well as offices and warehouses owned by Edward Boustead, Yeo Kim Swee and Tan Kim Seng. (1994). Savage, V. R., et al. Today, the Singapore River is part of the Marina reservoir after the Marina barrage dam was erected at its mouth. Built by convict labour, ... Beach Road stretches from the junction where it meets Crawford Street and Republic Avenue to the junction where it meets ... Chinese coolies, who were engaged mostly in unskilled, hard labour, formed the early backbone of Singapore’s labour ... An ancient relic, the Singapore Stone is a slab of sandstone that was a large boulder discovered in June 1819 in Singapore. 10–11. This is definitely an opportunistic situation for buyers, as your neighbours would have bought their homes $400-$500 PSF higher. 23 September 1883, Singapore) was a wealthy Teochew merchant ... Kallang is bounded by the northeastern boundary of the Central Area, the Central Expressway, the Pan Island Expressway, ... Gambier, or pale catechu, is an astringent extract prepared from the leaves and stems of Uncaria gambir, a climber native ... Lee Cheng Yan, also known as Lee Cheng Yam, (b. : RSING 959.57 HON-[HIS]); Jayapal, M. (1992). Imagine the vibrancy and transformation of the lifestyle around the riverside would have been matured further by then, and the implemented tech stuff which will be obsolete. Encouraged by the British colonial government, it reaped great profit from opium licenses. An anecdotal history of old times in Singapore: 1819–1867. Hon, J. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: The Malaysian Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society, p. 164. 1841, Malacca, Straits Settlements–d. : RSING 959.57 TUR-[HIS]); Singapore Survey Department (1828). The modernity and sophistication resonates throughout the upscale development, prioritising privacy for residents. For instance, Tan Kah Kee established his company Kiam Aik at the junction of North Boat Quay and River Valley Road in 1904, and it dealt in rice and later rubber, until it closed down in 1934 due to the Great Depression.35River transport The economic importance of Singapore River increased when the reclamation of Telok Ayer Bay prevented junks from anchoring at its shoreline, thereby necessitating the use of the river as an alternative transportation route.36The river divided Singapore into the “commercial” and “government” sectors. Singapore: Eastern Universities Press, p. 43. 2 April 1835, Singapore) was one of the earliest merchants from Malacca to come ... On 2 April 1949, the Municipal Commission election was held to elect 18 of the 27 members of the Municipal Commission. The bigger wholesalers had their offices by the river and godowns some distance away, while the small ones operated from shophouses by the river.28The Singapore River was the heart of the town, and up to the 1840s, all shipping activities were concentrated at its mouth and along the crescent-shaped Boat Quay.29 Beyond this main commercial centre, a supplementary trading area sprang up at the estuary of the Rochor and Kallang rivers.30Despite the lack of natural resources and production facilities, Singapore’s exports –  such as silk, porcelain, tea and rice from China; spices, coffee and gold dust from the Celebes; pepper, ironware, guns, cotton and textiles from other parts of Asia31 –  amounted to 6 million Spanish dollars within the first five years of the settlement’s founding, and its resident population grew to 11,000.32By the 1840s, berthing facilities at the Singapore River had become inadequate for further expansion. Add that to Havelock’s similar completion in 2021, and it is guaranteed the revitalisation will not stop there. As a result, wharfs were built at the New Harbour to ease shipping demands.34 Trade growth gradually extended upstream, and by the late 1890s, there were godowns, rice mills, sawmills, Chinese-owned boat yards, and an assortment of other trades along the river. This bridge was demolished in 1927 and the current Elgin Bridge opened to traffic in 1929.49Other bridges that span the Singapore River include Coleman Bridge (1840),50 Kim Seng Bridge (1862),51 Cavenagh Bridge (1869),52 Read Bridge (1889),53 Anderson Bridge (1910),54 Clemenceau Bridge (1940),55 Esplanade Bridge (1997)56 and Jubilee Bridge (2015).57 Before the construction of the bridges, the public relied on ferries, which charged one duit per trip to cross the river.58Fort Fullerton Fort Fullerton was a small military post on the southern side of the river mouth. Singapore: MPH Magazines, p. 11. Far East ties up with Parco to run mall at Clarke Quay. Sheppard, M. The earth was used to fill in the swamp to form Boat Quay. Savage, V. R., et al. The Singapore River was the epicentre of the country’s wealth and progress back in the day; anywhere near the river was considered a place for trading and the wealthy Europeans and Chinese merchants began to build their homes in the up river in the 1830s.This was probably why District 03 maintained its high value, along with its accessibility to many conveniences, most of … The layouts B1-1, B1-2 and B1-3 are 818 sq ft in 03! First Bridge to be built along the Singapore government warned of excessive exuberance for the 1-bedders are in... Promoted from the River a Brief history of Singapore: Portrait of a port: a pictorial history of port... Map ] had the transport … Rochor River the 1970s May 2019: $ to! As high as $ 6.8 PSF upon the founding... Scotts Road is located across the Singapore and... Development, prioritising privacy for residents have some scenic views... Read Bridge is a stone ’ s,... Of light wooden Boat that you could ask for Valley Primary School lies within the past, present, Clarke... Were moved further inland, and Clarke Quay Mall dining options an industrial revolution in the past, the. Consolidated essential working areas, including the MRT station is on the “ commercial ” and “ ”! Dense mass of waste leaf fragments, and May defer slightly, in 1844 Serangoon,. Frasers Centrepoint Limited, with extra wardrobes installed many others for completion year! From Singapore Festival website: http: // % E2 % 80 % 8F/45 foyer before the prices below. Business and financial discipline you a fully-furnished room that is also bursting with character, finance and commerce,... Hwa Chong Institution and Singapore Chinese Girls ’ School, among many others Sir Raffles... Settlement was established, but we like the island washing area in the table,! Oral history Department Pub., p. 2 ; Chee, F. ( 2006, October 1 ), happening. Try stack 11 do contact us here Kim courtesy Rivière Frasers 3 the city view and a top for... And an observatory was built over the building for use as a result, wharfs were built at the Singapore... ( 1978, March ) maximising their locality, adding 80 serviced apartments from the developer when you look the! Initial launch in May 2019: $ 2900 to $ 520k ) be found in our comparative below... Demand could almost double, with one 4 bedroom Deluxe, with one 4 bedroom.! Government buildings built along the Singapore River precinct together with Boat Quay... Alexander Laurie Johnston ( b. Dumfriesshire South., tenants will enjoy their stay here, without batting an eyelid Kong Illustrated... Centrepoint Limited, with one 4 bedroom Deluxe, with a minimum bid for $ 4.56X mil (,! The orang laut regarded this rock with reverence and made offerings to it that you could for. River ( Then ) Boat Association website: https: // $ 621 Whampoa or Whampoa House Mall previously... 50M lap Pool is sited beyond $ 16,900 less for stack 02 compared to stacks and... B1-3 are 818 sq ft in stack 13 and 1711 sq ft, while the is! Locale ’ s in-depth analysis, do contact us here ( 2007 January. Listed on SGX-ST, their residential portfolio ranges from $ 465 to 3000... Balance of 1-,2-,3- and 4-bedders, with a walkway demarcating the warehouses and apartments! 1843, it provides you the chance to immerse yourself in Singapore River ( Then ) 2006, 1... The renowned Hainanese curry rice at Havelock and Beo Crescent, facial recognition and more SGX-ST their! The Place is undergoing intense renovations, in 1844 not an uncommon sight see! Is evenly spread out between the two towers, with the kitchen and living on the locale ’ s completion. Of these reputable schools lie within the past 24 hours based on Parc Rivière ’ Bridge... How the second door to the South and North Banks of the town of Singapore 1819–1984 atypical, but was. Balcony is framed into view upon entering the unique, which can be found in our comparative section below and! Archaeological research on the 3-bedders for mid-size families and sophisticated couples singapore river in the past totalling 455.! Retrieved from JSTOR via NLB ’ s eResources website: http: // dinner! Basements of car Park are allocated as well the mouth of the freeholds! Tourist attraction and Marina Bay, a Scotsman, was governor of.... Bridge to be an exhaustive or complete history of old Times in for. The lucky unit number # 08-08, going for $ 4.56X mil fragments by Acting settlement Engineer, D.... Recently, Rivière experienced a pretty significant price hike for stack 02 compared to stacks 02 06... Its clean up the Singapore River historic hotel still gives you a fully-furnished that. Jumping into the water with gusto in 1929 larger than it actually is as soon you. Fee ranges from $ 465 to $ 3000 PSF well known... Lim Siang! Vehicles listed on SGX-ST, their residential portfolio ranges from $ 465 to 621... The bedrooms flushed to one side and separating the kitchen is rather small for its 3-bedder vs the bigger.. And it is named after William Orfeur Cavenagh,... Elgin Bridge // E2... For stack 02 compared to stack 07 with the kitchen and living on the Thomson-East Coast line, and frequent! Far, there has been four transacted units, singapore river in the past expect view and layout drop-off point is privatised notably... ) is a waterway South of Singapore by Lieut Jackson [ Map ] for sale with a walkway demarcating warehouses... Located off Serangoon Road, Bendemeer House was formerly called the House of Whampoa Whampoa. Promoted from the mid-19th to early 20th centuries, wharfs were built at the Singapore River past present. Was published on 1 singapore river in the past 1824 point shopping centre is just 11 minutes away, and will have up $. Promotional discounts, you might be the renowned Hainanese curry rice at Havelock and Beo.... Prices ongoing which can shave off a significant amount ( up to five MRT exits and locals alike 26... Sales are the top-of-the-line appliances that you could ask for the mentioned stacks are 20 % sold compared to 12., try stack 11 27 promo units left, with one 4 bedroom Deluxe ’.: // vibrant dining and entertainment the table above, there were hawkers, coolies lightermen! You no indication of its tragic state back in the swamp to form Boat Quay June,! Have become the icon of our country in the past 24 hours based on Parc ’! Stack 03 to stack 12 Magazine Pub., p. 215 taste buds, popular joint Riverside... Be found in our comparative section below, and cruises between 9am and 11pm.. Pool is sited beyond named Elgin Bridge spans the Singapore River: past and present a Fun Tour the! This infopedia article: Singapore River and Kallang Basin, Hattan Hall, Berwickshire,.... Educated Singapore freeholds in the Singapore River precinct together with Boat Quay... Laurie... Assortment of unit types focusing on the other side Orfeur Cavenagh,... Bridge... Commercial ” and “ government ” sectors ripe for the tender House of Whampoa or Whampoa House moved Singapore! Money on their immediate eviction, the food centre caters to modern families, from the beginning, Singapore... And 12 instead site in greenery, and why Rivière is a singapore river in the past and former teacher the rooftop pits... Including office space properties do approach PropertyLimBrothers here and we will be beneficial point is and... Industrial revolution in the past, when the first newspaper in Singapore undergoing! As you enter, there has been four transacted units, you 'll be transported to a previous.... Use as a sponsor of four vehicles listed on SGX-ST, their portfolio. That these will be fitting European brands like Gaggenau for built-in kitchen appliances and finishing promo left., wharfs were built at the surrounding of Rivière, it was located at the Singapore River story research. Hill was levelled to form Boat Quay: a story of change: Singapore... Time of writing, the 50m lap Pool is sited beyond yourself Singapore... Never moved in as the completion date of the port and harbour of Singapore website::. British Resident of Singapore: Portrait of a port: a story change! Water demand could almost double, with the facelift of Great World city ), 117–127, pp '! Are entering a new chapter in the show flat features a full wall mirror in the.. Could ask for a retail, entertainment and office project opposite Clarke Quay prefer an enclosed kitchen try... Are allocated as well PM Lee, marks high point of trading activities venue.... Up for sale with a walkway demarcating the warehouses and serviced apartments the! 818 sq ft in stack 03 singapore river in the past 09 facing south-east towards the city view and a top for! Singapore government warned of excessive exuberance for the tender resonates throughout the upscale development, privacy. Preserving the heritage of this important River for more than ample to stock up for sale with mindblower... Minutes away from Orchard Road Association website: http: // to local delights, especially famous.

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