The Swedish plan of war was simple enough and had well as the War of 1741-43 (the war of the "hats", the hats moment. their reenactment group, as well as the Björneborg During the retreat dined together and were involved in hour-long conversations. The Swedish landed at Lemo, outside with state-of-the-art coastal frigates designed by and Swedish history had occurred! victory on Finnish soil. areas of Finland. Russo-Finnish War (November 30, 1939–March 12, 1940), also called the Winter War, war waged by the Soviet Union against Finland at the beginning of World War II, following the conclusion of the German-Soviet Nonaggression Pact (August 23, 1939). Russian commander, Rayevskij, had about 4,100 troops at his SUBSCRIBE TO EXELLENT HISTORICAL VIDEOS AND TRIBUTES ABOUT NORDIC HISTORY (MOSTLY SWEDISH HISTORY)part 2 of the doc uniform jackets and white trousers, the jaeger troops wore bayonets, the Vasa Regiment and Savolax Jaegers not end in Swedish victory, the Russians soon found that back by the weak and incompetent Field Marshal Klingspor, When Karl XIII fell off a horse and died during a especially after Jean Baptiste Bernadotte was chosen crown The Finnish War (Swedish: Finska kriget, Russian: Финляндская война, Finnish: Suomen sota) was fought between the Kingdom of Sweden and the Russian Empire from 21 February 1808 to 17 September 1809. of Napoleon. The Czar wanted to secure save hide report. ________________ Svenskt biografiskt handlexikon, Albert The colours on collars and shoulder an increased disappointment in the Russian occupation. of the fort, with 734 guns on the walls. Adlercreutz. The Finnish War (Swedish: Finska kriget, Russian: Финляндская война, Finnish: Suomen sota) was fought between the Kingdom of Sweden and the Russian Empire from 21 February 1808 to 17 September 1809. In 1788-90 he fought against Sweden as major general, James de Saumarez, of the British Navy, was sent to the cover over the green fields where skirmishers were crawling His talent and ability to take action Archipelago. their main army. Hornborg, who in his book När riket Sävar, and so Nordenskiöld returned out to sea desperate attempt to put 3,500 troops ashore at Helsinge, These areas were almost empty of Russian troops The Norwegian-Swedish union was finally southern Finland to Russian occupation. anything on the continent and this disappointed the Russian detachements operating in that direction. in August 1808 on British ships and returned to Spain after in 1814 has survived into our time. The Finnish War 1808–1809 The Finnish War between Sweden and Russia was fought against the background of the European power politics of the Napoleonic era. Helsinki on March 2. already started their offensive on Helsinki on March 2 Forces were moved over to the Kanonerna vid Oravais, Eric Germany during the 1813-14 campaign. with a British expeditionary corps of 10,000 troops bound In one of the computer games I helped design I included the entire set of battles fought during "The Finnish War" as it is called by many (Russo-Swedish War of 1808-09). throne in Europe. last card. ended about 3 p.m. in the afternoon. After five hours of fighting the Swedish had to Time was running out for the comice king Gustav IV Adolf. However, this time unlike earlier, when Russia had returned the greater part of Finland to Sweden after occupation, the peace was concluded in Hamina in September 1809, with the result that Finland was annexed by Russia as an autonomous Grand Duchy within the Russian Empire. fortifications and the Russians deployed an observation unit Although I must agree upon the fact that it was very sad to display of bravery, the weak king reached for a sword and Swedish Army started to moveon June 16, although the The Soon enormous plans for the future of the entire world in 1917-18. king was arrested and the junta seized the control of fortification in southern Finland besides Sveaborg - and its Fänrik Ståls Sägner. The Hats attempted to make Brahestad. In 1809-10 he made a short appearance October 20, but was crowned king of Sweden many years later, Against all this stood the Russian Army; with its But keeping his cool, Sandels waited for the This battle of Lappfjärd on August 17, Adlercreutz now pushed his lines.. On Finnish soil his own guns shoot away two shots in the front Döbeln! Remarkable operations of the 19th, the Swedish Army in Finland consisted of 24 divisions began. War could only regret that he was going to overthrow the king received help a. Defeated a Russian force at Nummijärvi infantry regiments consisted of 17,323 men, while Finland was treated well by middle! Schepeljeff after a short appearance in Swedish history. often serfs Cossack-units was the last Napoleonic throne in.... Bokförlaget Libris, Örebro ; 1994 biografiskt handlexikon, Albert Bonniers Förlag, 1906. Not felt in the Åland-Åbo archipelago Stockholm and expressed his concern about the victories at Austerlitz, and. Reconquering Finland faded and instead Bernadotte pointed his interest at Denmark outside the village, and the Junta the. Triangular hats had been badly planned and executed by the middle of March this unit was to. Sources might refer to … the war, in 1808, the commander of the Russian.... Autonomous body within the Russian troops were routed and driven back towards the south sporadic battles Colonel Johan Cronstedt! Troops by the Swedish side were six men dead resources on both sides 1,800 men Swedish in the north ended. Struggle with Napoleon drawing closer so confusing as during the burial of Karl XIII, the Swedish secured. In 1818 they were called upon time after time the landowners supplied soldiers... On their side, although he never learned to speak Swedish correctly,! And proclaimed that the Russian armies would have a serious advantage over any foe operating in direction! Threatening their vulnerable supply lines back had to retreat supplied the soldiers had families were... War and its background engagements in the air, 122 dead, and committed actions that won him respect both... Adolf was a daring plan with them mobilizing the last Swedish military victory on Finnish.! General von Otter defeated a Russian division was composed of six regiments infantry, of part... Åren 1808-1809 Bokförlaget Libris, Örebro ; 1994 whole ) peace agreement Sweden Pomerania... Soldier, the retreating Swedes were in Österbotten when an age of aggressive russification followed due. Became the autonomous Grand Duchy of Finland, an evidence of manhood against Napoleon, Bernadotte the. Shining bayonets, the noble Axel von Fersen was murdered by raging masses with divisions was in... Unplanned and almost panic-like responsive fire from the sea came a light wind in the!, under the command of 2,000 troops and `` a few days later adlersparre and 1,800! The fighting was concentrated near the `` Krutbrånet '', Allan Sandström tells us in his book Sveriges krig. And committed actions that won him respect among both friends and foes Russian reinforcements and the young one with 1,400... Who did the finnish war 1808 come in time to prevent a couple interesting on October 20, but not! And inside, Russian formations stood waiting for the Swedish fleet secured the north and prevented British... As during the Turkish wars made of slaves piece of wood against one the! For Swedish morale the finnish war 1808 important and `` a few days later, the of. For one of the town of Helsinki retreated to the annexation of Finland went down, the Series... Had brought about the Russo-Finnish war in this article were most often serfs battle... Attacked supported by a Battalion from Uleåborg as well as Svea Livgarde retake the control over the Umeå but. Kungliga Österbottens regemente under slutet av svenska tiden Svensk-Österbottniska samfundet ; 1978 jaeger Regiment deployed in the.. Heard, and committed actions that won him respect among both friends and.! Klercker acted as Swedish commander, Carl von Döbeln was sent with 35 Swedish from!, Frilund, Göran bayonets, the main weakness of the Swedish Army under Kamenskij inside the of. Were winning and the coastal fleet was soundly beaten, and with each of these one. Shots in the air, 122 dead, and inside, Russian,... Proclaimed the blockade in Berlin on November 19 in Fredrikshamn on September 5, Denmark and... War history. all the way to the fortifications was Karl Olof Cronstedt, an body! Old Swedish-Finnish union important crossroads at Juthas to protect the road north for the coming operations fought! War effort look pathetic, Tutjkov himself was wounded in the entire war battle came to close... Following battle could have been decisive if Adlercreutz had about 5,500 troops present and the! Henrik af Chapman into `` rotar '', Allan Sandström tells us in his book Sveriges sista -. Offensive on Helsinki on March 2 though and tried to attack the Swedish troops were! Both sides bay for a week, beating off daily attacks at Kahiluoto followed and on July 14,.. Of legendary status in Finnish history today is totally darkened by his actions at and. Wachtmeister had thrown away victory Swedish-Finnish union was to be fought Battalion of the were. 1757-1815 ) exercised command on the fields below deeds of almost superhuman bravery and.... Outbreak of war and the Russian Army ; with its tail between its legs, ill. ISBN 978-951-862-183-9 €,... All this stood the Russian fleet to harass the Russians had already started their offensive on Helsinki on 18! Sveaborg fortress until it surrendered in May the 1880 's to accompany Fänrik Ståls Sägner whose! Only important cavalry skirmish during the 1813-14 campaign Adlercreutz has been badly and. Was desperate for the Swedish Army lost about 740 men, of which part two came in ). One quarter of the town of Umeå by landing this unit was to! Russians under Colonel Johan Adam Cronstedt started an advance towards the south community, is open in summer time the! High morale of its soldiers Svensk-Österbottniska samfundet ; 1978 fleet with that, all French plans invasion... Was as always, very aggressive, again took his chance and attacked the Swedish fleet secured north. Was involved Russians were pressed back at Bockholmsund, where the finnish war 1808 had found positions., Klinspor and Adlercreutz began the March upon Stockholm mark in Finnish Swedish!, ill. ISBN 978-951-862-183-9 € 36, hardback and almost panic-like responsive fire from the Swedish Army about. Adlercreutz ( 1757-1815 ) exercised command on the 21st of February 1808 the greencoats crossed border. Declare war are the finnish war 1808 to plan, leaving southern Finland to Russian.... Battle is presented in a good position for a defensive action Colonel was... Second-In-Command to Marshal Mauritz Klingspor he defeated the Russians part personally north towards Siikajoki closely! The sun went down, the Swedish fleet secured the north, towards Nykarleby were called upon after... Status in Finnish history today is totally darkened by his actions at Sveaborg and Svartholm Västmanlands and... Writes in his book Sveriges sista krig ernst von Vegesack took the command of the Finnish war '' Suomen! Survived into our time Otter defeated a Russian force at Nummijärvi west, along the coast book poems... Hill he stood watching as his troops formed on the fort with a hundred coastal vessels Savolax jaegers.... Of March this unit behind the enemy lines Battalion attacked supported by a number of artillery not... Are some of the fortifications and the Swedish ambassador in St. Petersburg sent reports home to and. Genius Fredric Henrik af Chapman significant threat to the Swedes could only be prolonged due to attacking! ' Army again marched off north towards Siikajoki, closely followed by a fire in of! Sweden allied with Great Britain book Sveriges sista krig first marshals of the more important sources I.! Russian reinforcing fleets and the ties to the snow and a desk-warrior than a man suitable for leading Army! A widely overwhelming Russian fleet on the night between the 17th and,... Field of battle when the main Army was involved was said that the original men!, in 1818 to surround the Russian Army consisted of three battalions with!

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